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Instagram MultiBot Adder (Likes, Comments and Followers) | Freedom Of Software

Instagram MultiBot Adder (Likes, Comments and Followers)

watermarked-instagramHello to all. I have to present a groundbreaking program through which you can promote your profile on Instagram. The program does not need to earn points to redeem them for likes, comments, or followers.The program has its own database instagram accounts which are sufficiently promoted, then quickly add it to your account as you want.



Features that have the program:

-Like my post/photo (max 300 likes at 2 hour)

-Comments (you enter the comment you want to get) (max 12 at hour)

-Followers adder (no limit)

To see how the program works and instruction watch the video below:


As you can see I added everything in a short time and you can see that the program works very well.


The license is paid but that we celebrate the birthday disclose thousand licenses for everyone. So what if today you download and you can get a promotion save the 39$. This is chance, do not delay, has been yet:


For PC



Other Platforms


For Aplle iPhone/iPad/iPod

For Android


18 comments to Instagram MultiBot Adder (Likes, Comments and Followers)

  • MrWhoKnow  says:

    Thanks for good software

  • nancy  says:

    tested and working :P

  • AngryByte  says:


  • greatfuck  says:

    Dank? ? Mit 5

  • sweetheart  says:

    schöne große jop

  • kiwijuice  says:

    testé et travail: P

  • nicole 16  says:

    thanks to daily updates, the program works very good, instagram bot rules :D

  • chartsk  says:

    merci, ça marche: D

  • catwomen  says:

    there is nothing to wonder, this program works great :)

  • koriee  says:

    I added the 5000 followers thx

  • SatDupoppotly  says:

    If you want have popular instagram page, get this bot :D

  • john123  says:

    I have more followers, thx :D

  • joshua11  says:

    thanks wow it works!

  • Frartiala  says:

    work on my iphone :D

  • pravor1  says:

    100% no virus :D

  • freak  says:

    Thats beautiful man, I even downloaded you file. Thanks

  • winner  says:

    oh fuck, but I do not believe it works!!

  • catrin213  says:

    i have 430 like under my photo, thanks ;)

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